Monday, May 30, 2011

A Sketch of the Life of Henry Shimer, Husband of Shimer College Founder

Henry Shimer married Miss Frances Anna Wood in December 1857. Miss Wood is one of the founders of the Mount Carroll Seminary est. 1853. The Mount Carrol Seminary is now known as Shimer College, a liberal arts college in Chicago. According to Shimer Colleges' website:
"In 1853 in Mount Carroll, Illinois, Shimer’s founders, Frances Wood Shimer and Cinderella Gregory, had a vision of education which was far ahead of its time. They admitted students on the basis of capability, rather than on the applicant’s previous educational background. Their mission was to develop in each student a well-rounded knowledge and personal competence.

Now in its 158th year,  Shimer College still carries out that mission.  An independent four-year liberal arts college, Shimer’s academic programs feature an interdisciplinary core curriculum originally designed by Robert M. Hutchins of the University of Chicago and grounded in the Great Books tradition."
You can buy a copy of the History and Genealogy of the Shimer Family in America Volume I on Amazon. This article is featured in Volume III of the History and Genealogy of the Shimer Family in America.

Newspaper clippings were much more interesting in 1895.